uc News – Write articles & earn money – make 10000-15000 Rs per month india 2019

Write articles and earn money I make 10000-15000 per month india 2018 uc News

Uc news – Write articles and earn money if you looking for how you can  earn by writing articles on uc news india 2019 if you are student and want to earn money then this trick is for you guys . it is easy Way for Students to make money . make money without website ot Blog.

Write articles and earn money I make 10000-15000 per month india 2018 uc News
uc News – Write articles & earn money

Write articles and earn money l make 10000-15000 per month india 2019 uc News

Many people and students wants to earn money but not all of them have a website or a Blog and if you have a website or blog you need to do lot of hardwork to get it ranked and it needs investment .it is a trusted and genuine source to make money from home with no investment needed .uc News – Write articles & earn money

i am sure you have used uc Browser or have heard about it uc news is their app to provide news to the users whatever it is related to sports or entertainment any trending news . More then 5 crore indians are using this app and it is one of the best app on playstore for news . 5 crore users is a huge amount and you will easily get views on your articles and make money . so lets discuss in detail –

uc News – Write articles & earn money

Things you need to Register on Uc News-

1 . Pan Card ( you should have your pancard ) they will verify your account with pancard .

2 . patience ( just have some patience everything will go fine ) Don’t Worry .

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How To make Money –

1. signup for free publisher Account. Signup here 

2. Remember that entertaiment and sports category gets more attention hence views so choose your category Sports or Entertainment .

3. Don’t have a blog link ? Don’t Worry just make blog on Blogger For Free and give link .

4. wait for 3-4 days uc will send you mail regarding confirmation on mail.

Now lets start the main process –

1.open your account and then go to post and start writing your article give it a title ( title should be attractive you will get more views on article).

2. Write more then 700 words it will increase the quality of article and helps to increase earnings .

3. you can download pictures from anywhere google , facebook, ets but always keep in mind that give image credits ( example- Source-oyeetricks.com or source-ms dhoni facebook ) if you won’t give credits uc will not approve your article.

4. Add cover images select from uploded images in article and before publishig your article check your article quality check and if its fine then publish .

5. after you publish your article it will be checked by uc news and published after some time . ( if your article have any problem the will say article suspended and failed and they will specify the reason just correct it ) .

6 . after your article is published you will start getting views . but remember that you will not earn money for seven days . so post some intresting articles and increase your index points ( should be more then 40 for 7 Days ) the you will be able to apply for monitisation.

7 . As your index points keeps increasing you will get more benifits and when index points  are more then 70 you will be able to post 5 articles per day and you will get 20% bonous of your per day earning.

8 . once you reached the threshold which is 50$ you can withdraw money in your bank account .

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How to increase uc news index points ? uc News – Write articles & earn money

1. post articles daily.

2. be an active user and keep checking your account.

3. try to like comments of peoples who commented on your articles and reply to comments.

4. always create quality articles (very important) .

Don’t Do –

1. Copy articles of others and from any other sources.

2. don’t upload fake news articles don’t upload pornographic content .

Never  violate uc rules if you do  credit points will be reduced and it will effect on uc news  earnings.

all you need is spend some time daily on uc media and post articles you never know whci article will go viral

i hope you guys understood how to make money on uc news if you have any doubts please let me know in the comment sections i am here to help you .

                                    uc News – Write articles & earn money

Make money Online in India 2019 uc News 

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