How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018 ( Best methods no investment )

How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018

How To Earn Money in India ideas  2018  Here are the Best ideas to make money in india follow these steps and you will be able to make money online from your house money making ideas in india , earn in dollars from india  .

How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018 ( Best methods no investment )


In this article i am sharing How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018 best ideas or methods which will help to make money online without any investment . yes you heard it right without any investment you really don’t need money to make money online . if you want to make money online you need to follow the listed methods or ideas below – so lets see what are the beat ways to earn money in india – 

How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018
How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018


Before i start i want to tell you that you don’t need any degree or qualification to make money online you just need skills and have to follow your passion . start working on internet and work hard for some month and after some months you will live life like king so have patients and give your great content on internet .

How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018
How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018

How To Earn Money in India ideas -Best methods to make money –


#1. Make Huge Money From Youtube

youtube is the platform to earn lakhs of money in a month and i am sure  you guys use youtube regularly to listen songs and watch movies and other stuff . you don’t need any professional camera or mic or any setup to make money . if you have skills you can just record your video on your smartphone and upload it on youtube . it can be funny videos or ant education videos (helpful for others) or and cooking videos .

once you start your work on youtube and people will start watching your videos you will be getting money and as well as your fan following will increase and soon you will get famous and whenever you go out people will come to you to take selfies (feels Great) and also your family will be proud of you . just make good content to make your audience entertain and help them to learn thing which you know better . share your knowledge with them .


you will earn money from youtube for sure and also from sponsorships . it means big companies will sponsor your video and you just have to take name or any product ( they will send you free products )of that company and show in videos for 10-15 secs and they will pay you hundreds of dollars for that work plus they will keep sending you branded products to you for free . so start your own youtube channel and start recording videos and upload it on youtube and earn in dollers .

#2. Earn Money From facebook , instagram and Twitter

if you spend lot of time on your social profiles like facebook and instagarm or twitter you can make money from that . you can make dollars on facebook if you have a good fan following on your facebook page . there are peoples and companies who pays facebook admins in thousand of rupees for posting one post on their page . (example – i have facebook page and have 5 lakh Followers the company will tell me to post one post for them and they will pay me 15000-20000 rupees) . pages like CID vs Rajnikants jokes and others make huge amount of money from facebook .

Earning money on instagram is not hard if you have good fan following ( good means more then 1 lakh ) but if you have 5 thousand followers also you can make money (5K) the companies like nike , adidas , coffee companies will contact you and they will pay you money for posting pics of their products . The price for each post depends on the number of followers you have (more followers ore money) . you will get good price for one post .

( why they pay you – because you have fan following and you are promoting their company products ) you may have seen people using tags like #nike #mynewbagamericantourister these are the sponsored posts .


twitter can also help you in earning money you don’t need huge followers on twitter companies will pay you for posting their pics and using their hashtags to make the topic trending .There are many websites where you can register and they will inform you when any company wants to pay for posts .

(example – #mynewbike #hero #herobikes )


#3. Become a Freelancer

if you are good in any field like you can make youtube thumbnails , youtube intros , and edit videos you can make money with those skills . if you can translate from one language to other , can do typing you can make money with that . just register on freelancers websites and show your skills and people will give you work and when you complete the work you will get $5 in starting and with more experience and good rating your price will keep increasing .

you can register on the following freelancers websites –


#4. Earn from own Blog or Website

if you are good in sharing your skills and want to share your passion with the world then blog or website is the best place to do it and earn money . you can do blogging with or without investment means if you have money to buy domains and web hosting for your site you can purchase and work on that and if you don’t have money no problem make blog on its free and by google any blog or website can be ranked easily on google if the content is really good .

A blog or website can make you rich ($) and you will be able to make thousand of Dollars every month . keep that in mind that never copy others content . if you ask me the best way to earn money i will say its blogging or website it needs hardwork and patience and believe me it will worth it .

if you have money you can buy top level domain like .com , .in , .org

i recommend in starting .How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018

#5. Earn with Affiliate Marketing – Amazon , Flipkart etc

you want to make money without investing money ? yes you can make money . just Register on these websites like amazon , flipkart, ebay , or any other and join affiliate programme and then choose your products and make links and then share it on social media accounts or any where . Example – suppose if your family member wants to buy a smartphone online then you can refer him to buy from your link and suppose the smartphone costs around 20 thousands the you will get commission from that it may be 500 , 1000 rupees . whenever your friend or any relative is planning to buy something share your link with them and you will earn money .

#6.Earn Money By Writing Articles

if you love writing then you can make money with your writing skills i am not talking about freelancing work here i am talking about platforms like uc media, newsdog , and Rozzbuzz you 

i am sure you have used uc browser in your smartphone there is a proggramme called uc we media you can register on we media and start posting news about sports , entertainment or tech . you can earn 15000-20000 monthly .How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018 

you can read how to earn money on uc here 


#7. Buy and Sell Domains

domains are .com , .org , .in etc you can buy domains in advance and sell them later at huge price . yes you can sell that in lakhs . always choose a domain which you think some company or personality need it and buy it in future . Example – a new mobile company is starting and the name of that company is redphone then you can purchase domain . the cost will be under 500 . then after some time the company will try to make a website for the promotion purpose they they will check the available domains and the price or will be your price . suppose you purchased domain in 1000Rs then you can fix price according to your wish it can be 50,000 or 5,00,000 . a brand company will always wants to frame their best image in market so they will try to buy domain instead of etc .


so these are the best methods or ideas to earn money in india in this article you learnt about how to earn from website in india ,How To Earn Money in India ideas 2018 i hope you guys have understood these methods and you will be able to make money in future . if you guys have any questions you can comment below . do tell me in comment section what you are going to choose from these to make money online ??

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